Presentations and Talks

[P9] Soni, N., Gleaves, S., Neff, H., Morrison-Smith, S., Esmaeili, S., Mayne, I., Bapat, S., Schuman, C., Stofer, K.A., and Anthony, L. 2020. Adults’ and Children’s Mental Models for Gestural Interactions with Interactive Spherical Displays.  Paper Presentation, Proceedings of the ACM SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI’2020). (virtual presentation)

[P8] Nikita Soni. (2020). Designing Interactions for Multi-touch Spherical Displays to Support Collaborative Learning in Museums. PhD Dissertation Proposal Presentation, University of Florida, Gainesville, April 22, 2020. (virtual presentation).

[P7] Soni, N., Gleaves, S., Neff, H., Morrison-Smith, S., Esmaeili, S., Mayne, I., Bapat, S., Schuman, C., Stofer, K.A., and Anthony, L. (2019). Do User-Defined Gestures for Flatscreens Generalize to Interactive Spherical Displays for Adults and Children? Paper Presentation, International Symposium on Pervasive Displays (PerDis’ 2019), Palermo, Italy, June 12-14.

[P6] Soni, N., Darrow, A., Luc, A., Gleaves, S., Schuman, C., Neff, H., Chang, P., Kirkland, B., Alexandre, J., Morales, A., Stofer, K.A., and Anthony, L. (2019). Analysis of Touchscreen Interactive Gestures During Embodied Cognition in Collaborative Tabletop Science Learning Experiences. Paper PresentationProceedings of the International Conference on Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL’ 2019), Volume 1, Lyon, France, June 17-21.

[P5] Lecture on “Designing Personas, Scenarios and Storyboards” CEN 4722: User Experience Design course| Instructor: Dr. Sharon Lynn Chu, University of Florida. Spring 2019.

[P4] Lecture on “Usability Testing” CEN4721: Human-Computer Interaction | Instructor: Dr. Jaime Ruiz, University of Florida. Fall 2018.

[P3] Lecture on “Research in Child-Computer Interaction” CEN4721: Human-Computer Interaction | Instructor: Dr. Jaime Ruiz, University of Florida. Spring 2018.

[P2] Soni N., Bapat, S.,  Gleaves, S., Darrow, A.,  Schuman, C., Neff, H., Chang, P., Stofer, K. A., Anthony, L. (2019). Towards Understanding Interactions Around Multi-Touch Spherical Displays. Poster PresentationACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI’ 2019), Glasgow, UKMay 4-9. [poster]

[P1] Soni N., Bapat, S.,  Gleaves, S., Darrow, A.,  Schuman, C., Neff, H., Chang, P., Stofer, K. A., Anthony, L. (2019). Towards Understanding Interactions around Multi-Touch Spherical Displays, Poster PresentationCRA-W Grad Cohort workshop, Illinois Chicago, April 2019. [poster]