About me

I will be joining the CS Department at the University of Illinois Chicago (UIC) starting January 2022 as an Assistant Professor. I am very excited to work with students! I will be recruiting Ph.D. students, undergraduate researchers, and visiting researchers. Please contact me if you are interested in working with me on Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) problems related to STEM/STEAM education and creativity. You can read more about my current work and future research vision here: research statement.

My research work lives at the intersection of human-computer interaction, child-computer interaction, Interaction design, and learning sciences. I have worked on multiple projects in this area including working with learning scientists at the University of Florida to conduct user studies with children and adults to explore interaction design opportunities for intelligent learning technologies of different form factors (e.g. spherical displays), conducting user research studies to understand how older adults interact with touchscreen technologies, constructing an interaction design framework for designing children’s touchscreen technology, designing interactive learning experiences for informal learning environments such as museums and science centers. You can read more about my projects on my Projects page

Outside of my work, I love to dance, sketch, travel, and illustrate my experiences with sketching.

Click here to view and download my CV:  Nikita-Soni-CV

Research Conferences attended / attending:

  • SUI’21 (November’21, Virtual Conference) [upcoming]
  • CSCW’21 (October’21, Virtual Conference) [upcoming]
  • CLS’21 (July’21, Virtual Conference)
  • IDC’21 (June’21, Virtual Conference)
  • CHI’21 (May’21, Virtual Conference)
  • ISS’20 in Libson, Portugal (Nov’20, Virtual Conference)
  • IDC’20 in London (June’20, Virtual Conference)
  • CHI’20 in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi  (April’20)
  • CSCL’19 in Lyon, France (June’19)
  • PerDis’19 in Palermo, Italy (June’19)
  • CHI’19 in Glasgow, Scotland (May’19)